Money: Do I really need it?

I have asked myself this question for quite some time now. This is part of a sequence of questions I keep puzzling myself with. Do I really need money? Does money really put any values into anything (other than literally) with respect to my need? Which role does money play in my human life? How […]

The residue of Kurukshetra

The Mahabharata is one of the major and well written Sanskrit epics of Ancient India. Like any other epics, it has hundreds of parallel stories of its characters. Sanjaya—one of such characters, having the ability of seeing events at a distance almost 80 KM of the length right in front of him, granted by the […]

Did You Know : The Other Sides of Pythagoras

We all who know even a little bit about mathematics, have heard the name ‘Pythagoras’ and his famous theorem ‘Pythagoras’ theorem’.  He is often called the first ‘true’ mathematician and it is  probably true that we owe pure mathematics to Pythagoras. Although his contribution was undoubtedly important, he remains a controversial personality in the mathematician community. […]

The conversation

*silence* Hello? Hello? Are you God? Yes indeed, why do you need me? How do know…? Well anyways, listen, I don’t need you. I am just too tired. I needed someone to talk to…. Yeah, I guess I need you. Well, I am all ears then. I don’t know man, I don’t know what to […]