A Thousand Deaths

Oh! I have seen you before
And before that, time and time again.
Each time I saw you, that was
The last thing that I remember, I wonder!

I remember, it was about the end of winter
Spring was about to bring new leaves to me,
I had a gray dream about a red fruit one night.
And then the lightning struck, and I was awake.
I was awake in the middle of nowhere, everywhere
Amidst whites and blacks and grays,
I saw you there lending your hand to me
You asked me, “You have come here before,
Do you remember me?” I said ‘yes’.
Then there was silence.

One time I saw you when I was weak,
I knew it was the time to walk the walk
Prepared I was, to submit myself,
And I saw you there again, waiting…
You took me in and said that you were glad that I made it this far.
Then we sat there in silence.

I saw you again at another time
It wasn’t the time I knew
I was on the edge and they told me I had to go
Did I have any choice?
Or did I have the illusion of it?
So they cut me down.
And it was never up to me what they would do after that
I was angry,
But you mend me again with your tender soul
And then again there was silence.

So yes, I have seen you before
And I have seen your friendly face.
I know I have come again to return again,
I know I have walked on the sand to sit by the shore,
I have had a thousand deaths
So what’s one more.


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