The argument against the argument that human knowledge is linear

When you study any contemporary mainstream history/science articles, there is a strong indication that human collective knowledge is linear and ever growing. Well in a broader scale, that might be true, but there lies a subtle possibility of the fact that we have forgotten something from the past. When we see old scriptures from ancient civilizations or even current forms of indigenous societies reminiscence of those old cultures such as Zulus of the Southern Africa, and their descriptions of constellation systems in very detail, we roll our eyes and say, well they must have gotten the knowledge from western societies, there is no way that they have acquired that knowledge all by themselves. The notion that current westerners are the pinnacle of knowledge, is mind baffling. The argument is that the knowledge we have right now is the most knowledge we have since the past. And we read about flying objects, magical incidents in those scripts, we call them artistic imaginations, exaggeration of simple events or just laugh them away, making them look like stupid. Yet we forget, every civilization is the most advanced in their own context including space and time. Yet, the possibility of the situation that people from the 1000 years in the future will laugh their ass off in the same way, is just unacceptable to us. Every generation thinks that they are the most intelligent generation of all, they have more knowledge than their elders and the younger ones are not worthy. It happens in every generation. Yet we call ourselves a spices of linear knowledge.

We are well aware of the burning libraries in Alexandria in ancient times, we are well aware of the Nikola Tesla’s wireless electro-magnetic energy transferring system which got suddenly lost in the middle of the nineteenth century. We further think that all the pyramids of Giza was built as an eternal place for resting of royal people. They carried 100 tons of solid stone blocks from hundreds of miles, using simple tools, they cut them with highest precision using simple tools. It just does not make any sense. They were suddenly trying to complete the hardest of works for purposes mysteriously unknown to us. And there is a handful of rooms and grand halls and chambers inside the pyramids, for what? Eternal resting place? Really? All the toils, and hardest possible job just to achieve happiness in afterlife which is still believed to be unknown to us? It is an outrageous move to underestimate their intellectual in the first place. The contemporary archaeology answered all these questions in a bizarre way, that raised just hundreds more questions.

I can go on with more examples that do not make any sense at all to our understanding, yet they exist in front of our eyes as evidences which one cannot just reject as mere imagination. Because, by definition our imagination needs constructors from our own world. You can create a song using the notes you have already heard. You can paint something abstract and extract meaning out of it but you cannot imagine a new color. Imagination needs something you have already seen in some form or another. Yet you find the Mayan golden airplanes which are aerodynamically perfect for flight but you cannot find anything like that in nature. How do you really justify these?

The Quimbaya figurines

Now, my point is, imagine that you are an entity and given that time is linear as human knowledge permits, you say that you are the most advanced being with all the wisdom and technology, and you have not forgotten anything. And you are going forward in time and imagine you have a torch light and you can look back. Now you have infinite amount of past known or unknown to you and you call that is 14 billion earth years, and you have the ability to look back in time using the torch you possess. Remember, all the technology you have in order to be able to see the past is the torch and that torch alone. You have to admit that there is a certain amount of area you can see and not past beyond that. And as you move forward, you keep losing some more area. Now you start putting things into memory so that you can look back into it later. Your memory is your knowledge so far, and with all of your technology whatever book you write, whatever record you keep, are absolutely limited in a certain point of time and you are able to see just so much. So, you are going forward in time. and at some point it is possible that you have forgotten things. You forgot what you had yesterday night, I forgot what I had. You forgot what were the last ten books you read. I know I did forget. Furthermore, there are things that are forgotten and there are things that you absolutely do not know. So in that regards, all the things we know today, are probably not as pure as absolute knowledge might have been, and it’s totally possible. And its totally natural thing that can happen. Remembering everything from the past is just not possible, and the notion that you have somehow managed to do so, is absolutely absurd.

On an another not so distant note, if you want to preserve something for thousands of years, you better use stone. The only thing that can survive through time is stone. Anything else, nope, metal, wood nothing. Even if you somehow argue, that writing was ‘discovered’ 6000 years ago in Egypt using papyrus, it’s probably just not as accurate as you thought. Probably that’s the only thing that survived so far. What if all the papyri from 100 years, 10 years, 5 years before the last papyrus we found were vanished through time. All the writings, wall arts, dark cartoons, stupid scribbles were annihilated by the time we proclaimed ourselves as the keeper of knowledge. And then we forgot probably all the other books, writings. Now a days there are billions of books around you, and there are million of books people do not really read anymore. For so long Indian epics e.g. Ramayana and Mahabharata were believed to be recited and preserved into the memory. Why? Is it because we have not found anything written? Well, that does not simply mean they didn’t exist, its more complicated than that. And then the language has gone through so many changes. Our current form of English language is not really sufficient to represent every experience. So even if we translate everything, who is to make sure that original meaning is still preserved. Probably not. Here is a small example of one of the most famous books of current world, and not from far away in the history.

So imagine that you are, like every human being, a constructor (a cell) of a larger entity (human being), some conscious being. And with all your ability you are trying the project light onto your past, using that torch light. That entity (I would call ‘he’ from now on, I do not have anything else to represent it) has a light, a torch light in his hand, and his consciousness is saying, “you know, you have to remember your past”. As we all have the ability to look back in our past, he can do so. And he is holding a torch and all our collective knowledge is the exactly his knowledge. And as we forget, as it is a normal thing to happen, it is normal to forget for him too. Things we forget and we read about it again. And then again remember. It goes on and on, its absolutely not linear. So as a human being how do you possibly imagine that our collective human knowledge is linear.

If you think about it, we have figured out things about more or less 2000 years ago, beyond that we haven’t figured out completely. We have so many questions. We absolutely do not know who we are and what the hell are we doing with our life. May be because we have forgotten. And we don’t know. We become dumber everyday. People use to navigate without google map. I absolutely cannot navigate without it. That’s not the point though, its totally normal, that’s the point. If you want to call yourself the most intelligent being, you are forgetting something, that you have limits. You are not absolute. You have figured out the 14 billion years of history. Although, you cannot even make sure whether it is 14 billion years or not. Yes, you have physics, the moment you get a hold of the unified theory and you will figure out everything. Every particle that has been created, you will have an equation for that, does that mean you have figured it out. No, it does not work that way. Well you have the definition of the every particle, you know what it can do or it might do, but you do not know whether it will actually do it or not. You absolutely do not because you have taken out the possibility of it having a free will to do so. You think it is beneath you, but what if you have mischaracterized and misjudged it the whole time. What if you are the one who is wrong.


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