An open letter to the greatest country of the world – “The authority, the conqueror, the immigrants, the terrorists, and the truth”

Dear America,

How are you? Really, how are you handling all the pain they cause you every day, throwing rocks at you, taking your jobs, using you for their benefits, ripping you off every day, little by little. But who are they, have you ever thought? Why do they still hate you so much? Why do you hate them? It causes me pain when I see people hate each other without really knowing anything about hate. We just hate without really acknowledging, without respecting their stories, their backgrounds, without evaluating the situations they had to deal with. Half knowledge is indeed harmful than no knowledge at all. But this is what you wanted, really, isn’t it? More specifically, they wanted, ‘the authority’ – the people who wanted to control you. They wanted to create a society divided by opinions, divided by choices and freedom, “freedom of choices”, making an utter chaos. They wanted to create a society so divided that they can rule everybody, exert power to all of them. This was the only way to grasp absolute power, undominated, uncontrollable to the eyes of rest of the world. And how could have they achieved it, what better way there is other than by suppressing self-awareness, by suppressing the truth. “Give both of them half of a rock and tell them that the other half is more beautiful, so if you want to keep the whole rock, go grab the other half,” they planned.  Nevertheless, they gave them a rock, nothing more. And this is what we did exactly. We fell for the other half, not knowing what it was in reality. They played you, and you played us. We fell for what you said, we believed you, blindly.

You said, they are bringing thieves, they are bringing rapists, they are killers in the streets, they are looting your food. You never mentioned that they also brought culture, music, art, they brought food, they brought science, they brought other beliefs and opinions, what they hold dear. They made you even more rich. Nobody is perfect, yet you kept feeding all of us with lies or half-truths and we gladly took it. We believed your words blindly, in its face value, in the most literal way and we uttered the lie with fear again and again so many times that after a while we started to think, what if it was ‘the truth’. Why did we do that? Why did we just trust some faces so much and distrusted other faces different than yours? Why did we have faith in some and loath for others. Isn’t that what you really wanted? So, we are actually doing great in your opinion.

All men and women were created equal, when they uttered those words, they became a mere civil rights voice. Seldom you came and asked them to let you know if they needed any help. You would tell them that you have a good soul because you thought you cared. Because you thought you really wanted to give them the rights to live and make choice of their own lives. You had a good soul because you wanted to do a favor to them. In return, you thought they would love you. But you made a mistake, you told them in the end to remember you because your humanity was better than others and you wanted them to know that. You would mean, they were not supposed to have those rights unless those were given by you, the race of superiority. Yes, they definitely are privileged. You needed a pretty face to show them all, however in truth, all you wanted was a pretty mask, to hide your real face.

Let me tell you a story. Long before, Europeans left their home to ‘conquer’ the rest of the world. We called them ‘conquerors’ because they wanted to get more rich. They were lacking certain commodities or aspects in their society, so they roamed around the rest of the world collecting (looting) others’ food and possessions and discovered (?) new lands as they progressed. They buried the truth that those lands already had people with other kinds of society, traditions, and beliefs, as they went on. When they did not like those people, they simply made them go away, problem solved. When they could not do that, they tried to modify them within their core. Then they showed those people how to deal with their own problems of their own society although which sustained for hundreds of years already without European help, even before ‘the Europe’ started existing as an idea. They demolished everything which are not like them, and if that failed, they made everything else like them. I guess that is all part of ‘conquering’. Because they thought they were superior (?).

Now some of those (other) people revolted. And that was fair, wasn’t it? What would you do if someone you don’t know enters to your house and eats all of your food, takes all of your money? Would you say, eh, he was just conquering things, it’s alright, let him have it. Yes, some tried that too, the act of “forgive and forget”. But it was never supposed to work for everyone else. So, some revolted and eventually tried to gain their own power back. Some failed definitely, yet some rose to the ground. It was no picnic, they had to die to show their children a better world which was already better but was made worse somehow. Do you know what they call these revolts? “Movement for freedom” – really, we call them just freedom movement. Freedom is a privilege after all. Eating your own food in your own house without interfering with others, is a privilege, isn’t it?

Now, hundreds of years later, some of those ‘inferior’ people came to your door asking for some food, because they knew, you were in the party who robbed them, so you must have owned a lot of food, they thought. You are the land of hope, land of freedom, land of laws. And you kept portraying yourself exactly like that by feeding their fire. They were not here to conquer your house. They would stay in the streets, eat everything you throw at them after your lavish dinner. They expected nothing more. They were not here to change your beliefs, your opinion, your moral views, your life. No, they didn’t plan to, they knew you can’t be changed. They exactly knew who you are. They knew what you did to their forefathers. But they were broken. They were not here to avenge all your wrongdoings (if you call it wrongdoings). You do understand that they were so broken from within, they left their pride to their own home to knock your door to ask for food, that was exactly how broken they were. Would you blame them? Can you at least identify who are to be blamed using your sane humanity? Now do you know what these people are called? ‘Immigrants’ – no, they were no conquerors no doubt, although they left their home to search things that were essential to live or life itself. They were immigrants because they did not want to get more rich, they did not want to disrupt your culture, they did not want to change your moral values. Their only crime was that they stole food sometimes, because they chose to become convicted over death.

But not all of them were same, by now you must have understood I guess. Some did try to avenge their forefathers. They were hungry, they were looking for food desperately. They were looking for someone to blame. Then some other ‘superior’ race appeared and gave them guns and whispered the names of the people who did these to them, they whispered your name too. What would you do, when you are robbed, and some other guy comes and tells you exactly who robbed you and gives you a knife. What would you do exactly? You get angry, right? You want to seek refuge of the vengeance despite your empty stomach, that might satisfy you. You don’t think rationally, because you cannot. Then either you scream out of anger until you put that knife into your own neck or take that knife to the people who robbed you. You want to use your knife in your own way, this is your freedom. This is how you make yourself comfortable to your own truth, you don’t care anymore because you have nothing to lose anymore. You want to cut the throats of everyone around you and end the suffering by making them suffer in the same way you did. You do what you had to do. If you did not start your suffering, the least you can do is to end it, one way or another. Yes, some chose that path and they called them, ‘terrorists’?

Now some people might tell you if you must come to other countries, do it in a proper way, in a legal way. Now define the word ‘proper’, please. What is proper to you, laws or morality? Did you know slavery was legal once upon a time? Even on a small-scale, smoking was legal in the airplane not until a few decades ago. This debate has not conclusion, you should have known by now. There is a subtle difference between laws and morality, humanity. Not a lot of people get that. Do you think those Europeans came to the native places legally? Do you think they possessed and continued to possess anything and everything from those aboriginal people, properly? You continue to hate those people who are not like you, those who don’t have your skin color, your culture, your language, your point of view. You continued to disrespect their opinions and beliefs even if you knew you were wrong (or did you even know that you were wrong). Because you had to win, you had to keep your power. You kept bullying others who told you were wrong. You took pride of something which was not yours. You bragged about something that was never your achievement, yet you kept going on anyway. You waged war for your own interest. You justified your course of action over and over again, knowingly or unknowingly. You kept telling yourself about your bravery in the battlefield, but it was “your war” and you dragged everyone into that war.  Nobody said a word. The people who rose against you, were no match against you. They got disappeared anyway. So, everyone remained silent. Because everyone knows you, everyone knows what you did, everyone knows what you do, everyone knows what you are capable of doing.

Have you ever looked back and thought about what you have become, what you did to this world? How low have you gone just to justify your act? It’s not that nobody knows, and you did not blow your cover. Everybody can see your real face, you know. That mask never worked. But now, please stop. You had enough, you have enough. You don’t need anything more. Some good men came to save you from your own doomsday. They tried their best, but you failed them, you failed all of us. You are just killing the chicken who lays golden eggs every day. We all raised that chicken together, we all depend on that chicken. Can’t you see, it’s not the chicken who is really dying, we are all dying, together, and the blood is on you, only you.

Someone who cares for you


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