The First Fall

Little Annie lived with her grandparents, David and Rosie. When she was only seven months old, Sicilia, her mother died. Annie was never told why, she didn’t need to know. Peter, her father couldn’t bear the burden of raising a child all by himself, so he gave her to Davids. He often came to visit her once in a month, sometimes in two months. But Annie was so little that she never really understood who that man was, little did she miss her parents.

In her little world, her grandparents weren’t very nice. They never allowed her to play by the big pond they had in the backyard. They even refrained her from having candies in the Halloween, although she was promised earlier. Poor Annie never knew the taste of cotton candy. She only saw her friends buying from that grumpy old man by the school, but never had the money or courage to get one for herself.

The little kid was growing up pretty fast. It was one afternoon during fall. She was walking back from school with her pop, which is what she used to call David. Trees had started shedding and the ground started turning red by the old forgotten leaves. She picked up one red maple leaf which seemed almost perfect. It was dark orange and had the perfect geometric shape. And yet it fell off the tree. She kept thinking about it on her way home. “What happened to the leaf, what made the tree shed it? Does the tree even know that the leaf silently left, and dropped into the ground? Did the tree care about what happened to the leaf after?” her tiny mind asked a thousand questions.

Suddenly she remembered, its been over a year, since Peter last visited her. One whole year? What happened to that tall man with thick hair and a face full of beard. It never occurred to her to ask pop about him before. And then she didn’t want to ask, an unknown fear covered her little mind. For the first time in her life she started looking for someone deeply. For the first time, she fell for someone, who probably never cared for her. But it didn’t matter. She didn’t want to know the truth anyway.

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