Did You Know: The History of Complex Numbers

Today I am gonna write about History of Imaginary Number System and Complex numbers. At the ancient time it was very difficult to imagine a number which is in fact imaginary, but when time grows, mathematicians felt a need to incorporate an imaginary number system for the sake of solving many problems. How how it […]


Did You Know: The History of Calculus

In my previous article, I documented how zero was evolved and has been leading a great role in mathematics since its inception. In this post I will write about how Calculus came to place in our modern mathematics. The discovery of modern calculus is often attributed to two men, Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz, who […]

Did You Know: The History of Zero

In today’s era, not only in Mathematics but also in other branches of science, Finance, in our daily life altogether, the most important number in our number system is the Zero but ironically which stands for nothing. Zero is a very strange number. It is neither positive nor negative. If you add or subtract zero […]