Dream of Success

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This the way to success, that is the way, great spiritual giants are produced.” – Swami Vivekananda

Nice thought, isn’t it? It’s like a fresh zephyr after a l-o-n-g storm. At least I thought so, I felt this way indeed. Swami Vivekananda was a person with an exceptionally eminent mind that enhanced the quality of lives of millions of his era and continues to do so for another billion of people including me. He encouraged people setting his own life as an example. He tried to answer the essential questions of life putting his own shoes in his feet. I found his words, so I realized that I need to share those as I was just trying to see the world through his eyes.

Yes, finally I have found a simple and proper way to the success form his words. But the most of us do not seem to look at that way simply and properly. They find the real path to success is not really as simple and proper as he described. It’s not easy at all to make a one idea as my life. It’s not easy at all to dream all the time about single idea, it’s not even easy at all to live on that idea for ever. It’s not really possible to devote so much for that one idea.

Does anyone know, why? Why, because we spend our most part of life only by finding that idea, that one-single-idea. We fail often to choose what best suits me, what is there meant for me. We often doubt, is it really me who still wants to try that idea. We doubt ourselves, our ability, and our mind. We started to gather so much questions in our mind, “What am I gonna do now? What is best for me? Is that possible for me? Am I really worthy to achieve this?” No one knows the future, but if we start to keep ourselves in front of confusions, it’s really not likely to come true.

Even when we finally choose to do something, we often look back again having the thought in mind that “Am I correct? Is there any possibility that I have taken a wrong decision? Do I need to go back? Do I need to try the other option out? Can I be successful enough by sticking to my decision? If I fail somewhere, what will happen then? Can I return back and take another restart?” Yes we doubt again and again. We are the one who create problems to our own. Each time we regret, we lose our confidence, we lose our precious time, we become feeble, and we need others to complete our own job.

The last thing we do is to possess a tendency to believe something called luck. We might repent for having a feeling to be unlucky. But we never notice the opportunity arrived that we missed out of proper knowledge. We never bother to know what the luck is. I believe that every person gets an initial optimum level of opportunity irrespective of their presence of mind. If we are in proper mood, if we are likely to be in search of that opportunity, we grab it. Success only makes itself visible to those who grab the opportunity by heart. But those who don’t bother to find that chance, fail to interpret the meaning of it, fail to visualize it. Apart from these, there is another kind of situation. If you are not ready at all to find the cause you long for, but still you can feel the presence of the opportunity, this is named as ‘luck’. In that case, you are the lucky one. But who are unlucky? If you feel that, you did very well, but yet you didn’t get the chance, no you are not unlucky at all, may be you need to have patience, its coming, it’s on the way right to you, may be you were not honest enough to grab this, may be you didn’t tried to the last drop of your blood. But next time, you are not gonna miss it, not gonna waste it, and gonna grab it. Yes, you are not lucky, you are not unlucky as well, just be the first kind.

That’s how Vivekananda looked at the aspects of life. Life is a cause; and life is flowered when that cause is found.


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